Friday, April 4, 2014

Why does it work?

Unraveling the elements of design. 

How often do you look at a photo of a beautiful room and think to yourself, "I love that, but I could never do that on my own."? It helps to look at the individual elements of the room photographed to determine why it works.  Take this room for example:

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

-Pale flooring(carpet), walls and ceiling open the space and make it appear larger.
-The walls and drapery are the same color, and the upholstery is all neutral, allowing for a serene setting, and also drawing your focus to the pops of color in the throw pillows and floral arrangement. 
-A glass topped cocktail table takes up less visual space in a small room.
-Light stained wood tones also contribute to the light airy feel of this space. 

Good luck beautifying your space!

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