Friday, April 18, 2014

Budget Friendly Room Re-Do

So I was looking through the Target website and I decided to create a room re-do with items just from that site.  I am starting with the idea of a cream colored sofa, the only piece I did not source from Target.  Something like this:


Now add one or two fun accent chairs,

A Fun Floral Chair from Target is a great look for about $270. Great to be paired with a cream colored sofa or used as an accent chair in the Master Bedroom.  It definitely needs an accent pillow, though.  A cream colored rectangular shaped pillow would work well.  The solid color helps tone down the busier print on the upholstery, and having a texture to the solid pillow fabric helps add interest.  Something like this:

This Textured Chenille Pillow   pillow is at Target for $20.

Then, for the sofa:

One of these,
And a pair of these,
A great floor lamp for next to the chair,

A decorative table for next to the sofa,

A lovely cocktail table,

A cream ceramic garden stool to be used as a side table next to the printed accent chair,


A fun rug.  Notice that the rug's graphic pattern compliments, not competes with the chair's large scale floral print. 

I would just keep the wall color a neutral tan, along with the window treatments.  This allows the room to have plenty of color (through the furnishings and accessories) but still not be overwhelming.  The window treatment could be drapery panels like this,

When using premade drapery panels, using two on each side of the window will allow them to look fuller and more expensive.  Just be sure to bring out the drapery rod further on each side (outside edge).  This will make the window appear wider and more dramatic.   A simple panel like this can easily be made to look custom by buying decorative fabric tape or trim and sewing it down the front edge (lengthwise) of the panel.  You can find decorative trims at your local fabric store. 
One of these days I am going to have a chance to figure out how to make an image collage in blogger, and these kinds of posts will look a lot better!  I just keep reminding myself, one step at a time!
Thanks for reading!

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