Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Patio Plans

My patio is looking pretty sad.  Yes, I have neglected it for the past several months.  I really can't blame it on the weather, or lack of use.  I mean, seriously, I live in Florida.  My patio (or Lanai, as we like to call it around here) is pretty much the most used space in the house.  I guess I just haven't been feeling inspired. 
So, all the constant blazing sun, dependable afternoon storms, and constant use by active children has left the space looking, well, less than pleasing.  Finally I am ready to get off my rear and do something about it.  Luckily, when I purchased our outdoor furniture, I selected a pretty neutral color (hint, hint) so it is really easy for me to give it a whole new look with some new accessories and a minimal investment.

Here is what I have in mind:

Truth be told, this print is a bit out of my norm, but I am really loving it lately.  I think that outdoor spaces are ones that you can really do something fun and unexpected because they are inherently casual.
I already have some solid dark brown and solid sand colored pillows that are still in good shape, so I will be keeping those.  But I would like to pepper in some more patterns and more of the blue.  I am also looking at these fabrics for pillows:

Both of these pillows/fabircs are available at Ballard Designs
And, of course, some accessories:
My plan for the tray is to place it on the patio cocktail table and display some large shells on it.  I was out looking at a favorite vintage/antique store recently, and one of the booths had some beautiful conch shells for sale.  I think that they would be just perfect in that tray. 
How are you getting your backyard ready for Summer?

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