Sunday, March 8, 2015

Musings on Life

Hello Again.  It has been quite a while.  I have been busy lately, with life, and work, and whatnot (haven't we all?).   I have been doing a lot of thinking and prioritizing in terms of this blog, and really just taking a little (or not so little) break.  Quite frankly, keeping up with my blog postings was beginning to stress me out, and I had never wanted that to be the case.  The kids were complaining that I was always on the computer, work (read: actual paying job) has been becoming busier, and I have been just trying to focus more on the things that matter.  Like cleaning out the kitchen junk drawer.  No, really, the drawer was getting out of control.  What I really mean is, I have been trying to find a better balance between family, work, life, and blogging.  It can be tricky.  Also, I have been evaluating my blogging content lately, too.  My original intent had always been to provide value.  I would really like to publish a site where readers can come for ideas, inspiration, and hopefully even some help for design dilemmas.  I was starting to feel like some of my content was, well, lacking in content.  If you know what I mean.  I was beginning to just post whatever I could just to keep to my schedule, and I really was not happy with the result.   So, I am still here, and still always thinking about my little blog, and I am ready to start generating content again.  At this point it is an organic process; I am just rolling with it.  Hopefully you will decide to stick around and see what happens.

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