Monday, October 15, 2018

Refreshing A Slightly Outdated Dining Room

Hello All - It has been quite some time since I have even thought about this little blog, much less worked on it, but I think that the time has come for me to dust off the keyboard and get back to work.  While I have been happily working away (for the past 4 years) at my regular interior design job, I have been feeling that having an additional creative outlet is always a good thing.  I am the type of person who strives to be productive and purposeful, and if I can provide some real, beneficial, decisive design help or ideas then I will be happy. 

I am starting off with the current situation of my Dining Room.  Basically I designed this room 10 years ago, and pretty much finished it 90% of the way before life distracted me from bringing it to completion.  Having children will do that.  So, now that 10 years has passed, of course there are some things that I would love to change about the room, but also plenty that I still love about it. 

I just recently added the ginger jars, and I am just smitten with them.  My girls were begging me to do a little Fall/Halloween decorating in the house, so temporarily there are pumpkins on the table, and of course, in about 6 weeks (6 weeks?!?) those will give way to some sort of Christmas filler taking their place.  This is all pretty good news though, because it gives me some extra time to try and get a centerpiece made. 

So, here is what it looks like right now...

And here is my plan...

 I'll keep you posted on the progress. 

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