Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 2 - Tackling the Kitchen

Today we are on to discussing the kitchen in Lea's house.  Here is an overall view of the kitchen,

So Lea has let me know that they would like to replace the kitchen cabinets and countertops in a budget friendly way, and that we will need to keep the current appliances.  She had already mentioned Ikea as a source of cabinets and wood counters.  Here are some details:

This Shaker style cabinet from Ikea is a classic and versatile style.  Shaker style cabinets are like chameleons, depending on the hardware choices, they can look traditional, transitional or contemporary.  This is a perfect choice for this project because this versatility will be especially appealing to any possible future renters.

Ikea also has a nice looking and nicely priced butcher block counter top option.  Butcher block is a great choice for counter tops as long as it is cared for properly.  Proper care for butcher block includes immediately cleaning up any spills, regular cleaning with mild soap, disinfecting with undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle, and periodic application of mineral oil. 

With a butcher block counter top, I would really recommend an apron front farmhouse style sink.  With this type of sink, the water is better contained.  You will have less spill over and splash which will help with  your countertop maintenance.  Also, the advantage of a farmhouse sink is how it physically sits in the counter.  You will not have to worry about cutting around the counter to drop in a sink; nor will you have to have any sort of counter seam (where two pieces meet) in the sink area.  Fireclay farmhouse sinks can be pretty pricey.  Luckily Ikea has a nicely priced version at $312, most other farmhouse sinks will run around $600+.

Ideally, this sink will need a faucet that has a pull out spray, otherwise you will have terrible trouble getting the whole sink clean.  I sourced one at Lowes that is a budget friendly $104, and has a nice traditional feel to it. 

And here is the cabinet hardware I would recommend,
Cup Pulls for Drawers
Knobs for Cabinet Doors

Both of these pieces can be found at Lowes, the cup pulls which are $8 and the knobs, which are $3.

To pull together the look, a subway tile backsplash would be visually clean, versatile, and in keeping with the classic look that is coming forth in this kitchen.  I would recommend a standard white glazed ceramic subway tile in a standard 3' x 6" size.  You can find this at pretty much any large hardware store, and it is relatively inexpensive.  I am also recommending that you use a white grout.  This will keep the backsplash looking fresh and clean.  A darker grout color in this application can create a look that lends more toward the industrial or contemporary feel.

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Gast Architects

 Lea had expressed an interest in possibly a grey or greige  paint color for the kitchen, and I will discuss some paint color suggestions in tomorrow's post, but I do think that a light version of either tone would be a good choice.  Based on the photos I have received, the kitchen has a very nice amount of natural light, which is a very nice feature for a kitchen (the most used room in the house) and we really don't want to take away from that.  Keeping it neutral in paint color also makes it more appealing to possible future renters. 

Lea had express some concern over the fact that the appliances are a mix of black, black and white, and white.  While this may not be the ideal situation, sometimes, when you have what seems to be a roadblock in design, you best solution is to embrace it.  What I mean by this is to incorporate the black and white into the décor of the room.  This can simply be done in the décor of the room.  Fabrics and a rug that incorporate black will help the large black refrigerator to feel more like a working element of the space rather than the proverbial pink elephant. Here are a few ideas to work toward that:
And a few different ideas for bold fabric patterns incorporating the black:

Fabric and accessories can be used to incorporate the black for as long as needed, and when the time comes that you want to change out the appliances, the look of the room can easily be adjusted. 
Hope this helps for today!



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