Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Light Fare

I was trying to decide what topic to cover today, and I had been thinking that maybe I would do a little write up on lighting.  Then, I went to check the mail today and there was my latest copy of my Shades of Light  catalog.  So, I took that as a sign.

A few tips on lamps:

  • Place several lamps on the different surfaces around your room.  The ambient light from a lamp is much more flattering to your room than overhead lighting.
  • Use lamps as a style statement as well as for functional purposes.
  • When you have lamps that plug into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch, replace your wall switch with a dimmer.  This is a quick and inexpensive change that will allow you to adjust the lighting in your room to suit an array of different purposes.
  • Don't be afraid of large lamps! You want a lamp to feel like it fits in your room, not that it was put there as an afterthought.  A large piece of furniture, especially, needs a decent sized lamp.
  •  Wall mounted sconces and swing arm lamps are solutions for some spaces, but be sure the scale is right.  When used in an application where a table lamp or floor lamp can fit, a wall sconce, or swing arm can look diminutive. 
  • Changing a shade is an easy way to make a lamp look more expensive.  You can find a good quality shade at a specialty store, or even Target has some nice looking options that can dress up a less expensive base.
  • Another way to dress up your inexpensive lamp base is to change the finial.  These can be purchased at specialty lamp stores or online.  Try these at Lamps Plus
  • When selecting a lamp for a table next to a chair or sofa, be sure the height is such that the bottom of the shade is at or above the eyelevel of a person sitting in that seat.

A few lamps to look at:


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