Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Patio Redo Reveal - Part 1

A while back in this post, I had talked about my plans to redecorate my back patio.  It has been a long process, but it is finally ready done.  This little project involved tons of pillows to sew.  Yeesh!  I am ready to take a break from sewing for a while, that is for sure.  We had a party planned, which was enough to pressure me into finally getting everything done.

We are enjoying the refreshed patio now.  The blue has really brought some life back into the space.  We shall see how long it stays clean looking.  With all the oak trees in our backyard, it is going to be a challenge to keep the fabric clean, but I recently discovered Thompson's fabric seal spray.  I used it to add some extra protection to the pillows before I put them out, so I am hopeful I will get a longer life from these pillows than I did from the last set.

Anyhow, here is the re-done patio.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the photos!

Today I am linking up with Shanna of Because Shanna Said So.  She is wearing the most fantastic tassel necklace today.  Check it out through the link below:

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  1. Can I come over and live on your patio? I love all the warm tones and textures. So fun with the fresh blue..... :)
    xox, Crystelle


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