Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cheater's Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

I have a quick little trick for when I need to use a bowl of fruit for a centerpiece.  Using a fruit bowl for a centerpiece makes perfect sense.  It looks great, you can choose from a variety of different colors that suit your needs, and the contents are still useful when you are done!  Unfortunately, filling a large bowl with fruit can require so much fruit that you will end up with a lot of fruit going rotten before it can all be eaten.

Here is my easy trick to get the same look with half the amount of produce.

I have a set of graduated size glass bowls I use all the time while cooking.  They are perfect for this mini-project.  I use one that is about half the size of the decorative bowl.  Just place a smaller bowl upside down in the decorative bowl before adding the fruit.

Then arrange fruit or produce to cover any open holes where you could see the lower bowl.  This really works best when you have at least two different sizes of objects to use.  It looks great with any fruit combination, and would also look nice with some vegetable combinations, too.


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