Monday, July 28, 2014

Over The Weekend - Greenville, SC

We spent the weekend in Greenville, SC for a family birthday celebration.  We find ourselves in Greenville fairly frequently (a few times a year) and it is one of my favorite small cities to visit.  If you have never been there, there is a surprising amount of things to do, especially for families, and the downtown is simply lovely.  

Downtown Greenville has undeniable charm.  The streets are tree-lined, and a variety of delicious restaurants and local shops are at every step of the sidewalk.  This photo really doesn't do it justice, it is so pretty, but I was just snapping a photo with my phone as we were walking to dinner. 

I was out enjoying the fact that the weather was at least 15 degrees lower than I had been experiencing at home in FL, and I happened upon this house.  I instantly decided it is my absolute favorite in town.  I just love the color combination; greige body color, black shutters, off white trim and a fantastic pale blue door.  So pretty!  The door just makes the whole house.

Just stopping to appreciate this huge and beautiful flower on my run.  Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to stop running for a minute.  This Florida girl is not used to running on hills! Yeesh - it felt like I ran twice as far.

For me, a trip to Greenville always requires a few needed stops.  My favorite local clothing boutique.

A visit to the Children's Museum of the Upstate is a must for the kids.  They love it!

I found these fun jewel stud earrings at one of my other absolute must stops, Handpicked.  This little jewelry store never disappoints. 

And last, but not least, a little dose of love for my paper fixation.  These are from the adorable Swoozies.  I am amazed that the four walls can contain all the cuteness in this store.

We had a great time visiting family, playing, exploring, and of course, a little shopping!  Hope your weekend was great.

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