Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Morning Meeting 5/11/2020

Welcome to the Monday Morning Meeting - no Zoom required. 

***Random bits and thoughts that don't really belong anywhere else but still feel like they're worth sharing.***

The other day I succumbed to the quarantine baking trend that seems to be sweeping the house-bound.  Banana bread.  I had honestly been avoiding it because I knew that if it was around that it would last approximately 30 seconds before we (mostly me) ate the entire thing.  Well, I was right, but, wow, it was worth it.  You can find the recipe here, but don't blame me if it's gone as soon as you put it on the cooling rack. 

Halfbaked Harvest's Banana Bread 

*Image via Half Baked Harvest

I had ordered these sneakers several months ago and there was a waiting list, so I had pretty much forgotten about them until they showed up last week.  As a huge fan of all things leopard, and an equally big fan of Superga sneakers, these are an instant fave.  

Superga Leopard Sneakers

I am currently loving this Thibaut wallcovering.  It is bold in pattern, but subtle in color.

Thibaut Anna French Seraphina Paper

This archived article from Architectural Digest has me daydreaming about traveling again. We were lucky to have been able to visit Greece last year for our anniversary and I loved every single second of it.  This villa is inspiring and the images have me longing to go back to the Greek Islands.  

Greek Islands Compound 

*Image via Richard Powers for Architectural Digest

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