Friday, May 22, 2020

Canopy and Poster Bed Round Up

Wednesday's post was a master bedroom design plan that featured a beautiful canopy bed.  Canopy beds and four-poster beds are such show stoppers in the right room.  They tend to work best in either large rooms with tall ceilings and plenty of space, or smaller, tighter spaces, because though its hard to believe, a large piece can make a small room feel bigger.  Just be conscious of any ceiling fixture placement when considering a poster or canopy bed.  You don't want it feeling shoved up against a fixture.

Below I have pulled together a bit of a round up of canopy and poster beds. I mean, we all need to feel a little bit like a princess, right?

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4. //  5. //  6. //  7. //  8. //  9.  //  10.  //  11. //  12. 

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