Monday, May 4, 2020

Easy, Budget Friendly Home Decor Updates (Part 2 of 3)

Hi there.  Today I'm back again with part two of my tips on easy and inexpensive updates you can make while living the quarantine life.  If you missed the first post, you can find it here.
So let's jump right in...

Update Your Lighting

Lighting is important.  I mean really important.  When planning a space we usually make a plan to layer lighting based on it's purpose (general, task, and accent).  This is done to facilitate the function of the room and also to allow the room to have different moods.  If your room currently only has overhead lighting, adding at least one more layer of lighting to the space will make a substantial difference.  Also, pay attention to the size of the lamps you do have.  While tiny lamps are definitely having a moment right now, they are meant to be accent lighting.  The lamps that are too small for their designated function (i.e. smaller lamps next to large pieces of furniture) would be better exchanged for something built for the job intended.  

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Bring In Flowers

Let's face it, flowers make us happy.  The shot of color from a floral arrangement can brighten a room.  Like the mention of greenery in the previous post, florals can be real or faux. but just be a discerning shopper if you are opting for faux flowers.  There are some great ones out there, but you may have to sort through a lot of frogs before you find that prince.  And, to be honest, the good ones are usually pretty pricey.  When you take into account the cost of keeping fresh cut florals in your space every day, the price really is better on a faux, over time, but sometimes it can be hard looking at that purchase price.  Grocery store flowers are also a great alternative.  Pro tip:  keep to one single kind of flower for an easy way to get a stylish look to your arrangement.  Arranging flowers is not always as easy as it looks, but a simple glass bowl of roses is always a good look.

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Bathroom Refresh

Maybe it's the bathroom that is making you feel a little crazy.  New bath accessories, an orchid on the vanity counter, a new rug...just a few switches can have you feeling like you have a new space.  Now, of course paint  (or wallpaper), new light fixtures, and new plumbing fixtures will make it next level, but that's for a different post at a different time.

Left:  Bath Accessories   //  Rug  //   Frames  //  Towels
Right:  Bath Accessories  //   Rug  //  Towels  //  Prints

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