Friday, May 1, 2020

Easy, Budget Friendly Home Decor Updates (Part 1 of 3)

I don't know about you, but all of this staying home has had me taking a more critical look at my own home.  Now, being a design professional, evaluating living spaces is my job, but often my own home gets a bit overlooked.  Due to lack of time and energy, my personal design projects often take a back seat to work projects, so my list of "To Do's" grows ever longer.  All these hours spent at home have given me the time to push those projects to the forefront and has motivated me to get going on things.  I thought that maybe some of my friends out there are also facing a similar situation, staring day after day at an unfinished or half-finished home, and perhaps feeling unsure of what needs to be done to bring things together.  Or, maybe your place just feels stale and in need of an update.  Below,  I have compiled a list of easy changes that can bring that final layer together.  Two more posts will follow to round up the list of suggestions.  All of these are easy to accomplish, even with the current quarantine restrictions.

You can view part two of this series here.

Add Greenery

To me, greenery is an often overlooked layer to design, but is so essential to bringing everything together.  Whether real or faux, greenery brings life into a space in a way that nothing else can.  I know, faux greenery can be somewhat controversial, but for serial plant killers like myself, it is a necessity.  If you are one of those lucky people who is good at keeping plants alive, even better.  Live or faux, look for ways to add greenery to your space.  A tree in an open unused corner, a floor plant nestled close to a bookshelf, or a small plant on a living room side table.  These are just a few ways to bring some green into your life.

1.  //   2.  //  3.  // 4.  //  5.  //  6. 
Containers:  7.  //  8.  //  9.  //  10.

Refresh Your Bedding

Is your bedroom feeling a little drab?  Perhaps a bit outdated?  The bedding can set the tone for the whole room.  One of the easiest, no-brainer ways to approach bedding is with solid tone bedding.  If you are longing for more color, add in some forward pillows in either a print or a solid coordinating color.  Layering in patterns and colors will bring more interest, but a solid base will simplify the process and you can bring as much or as little pattern/color into the mix as you choose.  White bedding is always a classic, but there are also beautiful solid color options to be found.  Combine the same color in different textures to elevate the look.  Utilize a matelasse on the top of the bed, with a duvet folded at the foot, back pillows and forward pillows to create a luxury escape in your own home. 

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.  //  5.  // 6.
Pillows:  7. //  8. //  9.  //  10.

Start Your Art Collection

Art is subjective.  Anyone will tell you that.  Due to that, selecting artwork for a client's project can be one of the more tricky parts of my job.  Art in your home needs to reflect your personal taste, but it also always looks better when it relates to the space (with a few exceptions).  Often good art also means a financial investment, but one of my favorite sources for original art and art prints is Etsy.  There you can find all styles of art for all levels of pricing.  Etsy is a rabbit hole of endless art pieces that you can enjoy falling into.  You can also find custom cut frames and mats on Etsy.  Minted is another great online resource for pieces.  

1.  //   2.  //  3.  //  4.  //  5.    //   6.  

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