Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rainy Day Fashion Finds

Today has been a rainy, rainy day.  Here in Central Florida, the afternoon thunderstorm is a daily occurrence.  Let's face it, a rain storm can really ruin a well planned look.  Over the years, I have ruined several pair of shoes due to being caught in a rainstorm while out running errands.  I finally smartened up and started keeping a pair of old flip flops in my car for just that reason.  So, if you ever see me wandering around Target wearing rubber flip flops that in no way match my clothes, you now will know why.

All this rain had me thinking about rainy day outfits and some fun things to make a dreary, rainy day feel brighter.  I mean, some cute rain boots would brighten anyone's day, right?

Heart Tote Bag  //  Rain Boots and a similar option

Umbrella  //  Anorak  //  Phone Case
Cross Body Bag  //  Rain Boots

Today I am linking up with Because Shanna Said So, one of my favorite fashion blogs.  Check her out here:


  1. I love the inspiration! Rainy days are actually my favorite days. I have a classic pair of dark green Hunter rain boots, but I think I need to invest in that bright pink pair you have here! Beautiful sets! xx

    The What's In Between

  2. I definitely don't need to worry too much about rainy days here in SoCal, but the inspiration is great! <3

    Sweet Madame Blue

  3. LOVE the bright colored rain boots! We get rain in the Summer here in San Francisco too.


  4. Great rainy day picks! I love the bright boots and umbrella's!


  5. I love the rain boots pic. I love pairing rain boots with dresses.


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