Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Casual Summer Dresses

I always love casual dresses not just for their comfort, but also because they make life (well, life in terms of getting dressed in the morning) so much easier.  Mornings are so busy for us all, I am sure, and having even one less decision to make can be such a welcome gift some days.  Not to mention that something about wearing a dress just always makes me feel just a little more put together; and that is usually the start of a good day.

The dresses I have featured today are all, feminine, casual yet polished, and fun picks for Summer.  What is your favorite Summer dress style?

Aqua Sundress  //      Black and White Stripe Dress      //  Bird Print Dress

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  1. They are beautiful! And I love the shapes, too. The first dress is my favourite here. x

  2. I need the first three dresses ASAP!


  3. I am lovin, the C Wonder Dress and plan to add it to my collection. Great great pic! www.beautyjunkkie.com

  4. Hard to pick a true favorite but I am always a sucker for seersucker!



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