Monday, June 30, 2014

Loving Lately- Fourth Of July Outfits Edition

I cannot believe that the Fourth of July is this week.  Where has the Summer gone?  At this rate, it will be time for my girls to be back at school in no time!  Sometimes the routine of daily life can make it seem like the days drag on, but then a certain event or milestone will pass, like a holiday or birthday, and I suddenly will realize just how quickly time is passing.  It is a good reminder for me to not get so caught up in the tedium of projects and errands, and instead focus on spending fun Summer days with my girls while they are still young enough to want to spend time with me!

So, with Summer fun in mind, here are two outfits perfect for the 4th, one a more casual option, and the other just a bit more dressy.  I love dressing in patriotic colors for the holiday, but I tend to avoid going too literal with it.  Let's face it, a flag print t-shirt is really only going to get worn once a year, right?  So I would rather choose some pieces that I can get a lot more wear from.  Which is your favorite?

Red and White Print Tank  //  White Linen Pants  //  Navy Blue Crossbody Bag  //  Navy Grosgrain Bracelet  //  Bangle With Blue Enamel Charm  //  Flat Sandal  //   Goodnight Macaroon Navy Romper  //  Red Foldover Clutch  //  Gold Pendant Necklace //  Red Beaded Bracelet  //   Wedge Sandals  //

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  1. love the jumper! Thanks for inspiring--I've trying to figure out what to wear! I'll have a post on this coming up tomorrow :)

    Colour Me Classic

  2. A navy romper seems like a really comfortable option for Fourth of July. And I agree, I actually think the head to toe flag-print outfits I see on Fourth of July look a bit too much.

    Another Beautiful Thing

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