Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Home Tour

Every first weekend of December, my little home town hosts a Holiday Home Tour.  Our little town has a lovely and sizable historic district, and this district is not only beautiful to see, it also boasts an incredibly strong sense of community.  I am talking about the, everyone-knows-everyone kind of front porch community that so many planned developments try so hard to recreate, but so often miss the mark.  I should know.  While we live in a newly built home now, for six years, my husband and I were proud caretakers (owners just doesn't seem to suit when you are talking about a historic structure) of a 100 year old house.  There is character in  these painted ladies that just cannot be duplicated.

So, I love to stroll through the Holiday Home Tour every year.  It always makes me a bit nostalgic for my old neighborhood.  It certainly reminds me how much I loved living there.  The great thing about the tour is that it encompasses so many different styles.  I love the variety.  I am going to spend the next few posts sharing some of my favorite images from this year's tour.  I hope you enjoy.

Today I am starting out with some front porch inspiration.


  1. Gorgeous Holiday share!

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