Monday, November 10, 2014

Toms + Target

Who else is excited about the Toms for Target collaboration?  I can't wait to get my hands on the great gifts (yes, some might be gifts for me) that I can get a hold of as soon as this collection is released.  And really, what is better than to give a gift that not only goes to the person for whom you purchase it, but also gives something essential to someone in need.  I guess I may have to set my alarm for very early that morning to jump online and try to get what I want.  I have a feeling that it will be going quickly.  It all begins November 16th.  Check out the whole collection here.  Wish me good luck!

1.  This Poncho ($28.00) gives 1 blanket to someone in need.  (p.s. This is tops on my list!!)

2.  This scarf ($20.00) and sweatshirt ($22.00) each give 1 blanket to someone in need, the bracelet sets ($15.00 each) give 1 week of meals!

3.  My husband just might find this jacket ($40.00) under the tree.  And bonus, it gives 1 week of meals to someone in need.

4.  And for my girls, of course a pair of iconic Tom's slip-ons ($38.00), which are of course, 1 pair of shoes donated for each pair purchased.

5.  These water bottles ($15.00, donation match 1 week of meals) and  #6. blankets ($30.00, donation match 1 blanket) are absolute musts for around my house.

 Check out the collection and let me know what you are hoping for!   Find it all at starting on November 16th.


  1. I didn't know that they made all of these products! Love those blankets!

  2. Love that we both posted about this collab!! It's going to be a GREAT one!! I want all of the women's styles and home decor!! :)

    1. I will definitely be doing some shopping early Sunday morning! (and I bet you will be, too!)


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