Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Finds: My Favorite Corduroy Pants Ever

Hello!  Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite fashion finds for Fall.  I have a real soft spot for a good pair of corduroy pants.  This is kind of funny, considering that I absolutely hated them when I was a child.  Something about the swishing sound they made when I walked, I just thought they were the worst (was I the only one?).  Anyhow, cords have come a long way.  They provide such great texture to layer into a Fall outfit, not to mention how warm and cozy they are (though I am still waiting on some cooler weather around here).

Well, I found a pair that, hands down, are the best pair of corduroy pants I have come across.  They are the Modern Skinny Cords from Loft.  And the best part?  They come in 7 different fabulous Fall colors.  I will take one of each, please.  Well, for now I am starting with the Cranberry and the Navy, but I am certain I won't be stopping there!

**They also come in Deep Pacific Teal and Forever Navy, colors not included in the graphic above.

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  1. I bought a really cheap pair from Madewell a few years ago & loved the look of them, but there's no stretch! So it was loose in some areas and tight in others. Do these have stretch, because if so, then I'm there!


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