Monday, October 6, 2014


You know those days when you try so hard to get so many different things done, that you end up finishing nothing?  That was my day today.  I am still trying to get my daughter's room redecorating done, all my fall decorating up and photographed, and I am still working toward that half-marathon that I signed up for during a moment of temporary insanity.  I didn't manage to complete either of my projects, and even my long run was cut short.  I pretty much just ran out of steam.

I am reminded of a conversation I had today with a friend.  We were talking about trying to find balance between family life, work life and personal life, and how the quest for that balance is an ever evolving process.  I really think that it changes from day to day.  Some days run like clockwork and you feel like you have it down, and other days you feel like you can't find balance no matter how hard you try.  Today was definitely the latter for me.  Time has taught me that you really just have to roll with it, and accept that rough days will happen but the good days will happen even more.

That leads me to my blog post today.  I have  a post I have been putting together over a few days and I thought I was done with it.  Then I sat down this evening, exhausted from my run, my busy day, and putting my children to sleep and I realized I am no where near done with that post.  And I will be honest with you, I just don't have it in me to finish it tonight.  It will be up soon.  In the mean time,  I figured I would share a little online shopping I did this weekend.  There were several great sales going on, and one of those was that Old Navy was offering 40% off for cardholders.  Here is what I grabbed:

Yes, I do realize that I have two pair of burgundy jeans.  I have been wanting a good pair since last year, but I had not found one that works.  I am hoping that one of these two pair will work out for me.  That is what I love about free shipping and free returns.  I can order it, try it out, and if it ends up being a "no", no big deal.  

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