Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Workout Wear

I am by no means an exercise expert, but I do try to make it part of my daily routine.  I like to try and mix it up a bit to keep things interesting, but I tend to fall back on my old standards; running and boot camp class ( a little bit of competition keeps me going).   Recently I let my husband talk me into signing up for a Half Marathon with him.  After my 9 mile run yesterday, I am questioning the sanity of that decision, but I am not about to back out.  My pride would never let me.

Juggling a family, blogging, and now a part-time job, it can be hard to get into the gym as regularly as I was going before.  I have recently discovered H.I.I.T. videos on You Tube.  I always go to the videos by Fitness Blender.  These have become a perfect solution for me on days when I can't get all the way to the gym, but I still need to get moving.  I love that they have so many different videos available and for varying lengths of time, and I really find them to be a great workout.  Nothing is worse than feeling like you are wasting your time, especially when your time is limited.

Now, I am not one to really worry too much about what I look like when I head to the gym (shocking, I know) because usually by the time I am done I am a complete disaster anyways.  But, sometimes some cute new workout gear is enough to get me a little more motivated in class.  Here are some fun finds that would get me moving faster.

1.  Running Capris  // 2.  Sports Bra  // 3.  Stripe Tank  // 4.  Water Bottle  // 5.  Long Sleeve Layering Top  // 6.  Glitter Running Headband  // 7. Nike Running Shoes  // 8. Watch  


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