Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Trends: Full Midi Skirts

I am just loving the full midi skirt trend this Summer.  I just think that they are adorable.  They feel like such a 50's throwback, without too much kitsch.  The shape is so feminine and universally flattering, it really makes  you wonder why it has been out of the collective consciousness for so long.  But for certain it is back, and there are so many to choose from.

I pulled together some of my favorites, and (bonus!) they are all well priced.  A few are super inexpensive!

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  1. I think the full midi skirts are darling and so refreshing for summer. I wanted one so badly. I'm 5'2', so when I found one that fit, it was almost a maxi skirt on me? I went ahead and bought it, thinking I would get it altered.
    Alas! The alterations lady told me that she would have to cut off so much of the skirt, it would lose it's natural shape and flow. When she pinned it up that much, I could see that the skirt was not going to be what I had hoped. Now my quest has been trying to find a midi skirt in a petite, which is proving to be no easy task. I'm determined, I'm going to find one! BTW, the skirts you featured here today are lovely.


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