Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make An Entrance

The foyer, or entryway of your home, is the first thing that people see when they enter your house.  This area really sets the mood for your entire home.  When I was in the process of designing and building my current home, I was so excited to have a defined foyer.  We designed it so that it is an open area that leads to the Living Room on the left, the Dining Room on the right, and forward to the Family Room.  A very classically traditional layout.  I was so excited about this space because I saw it as mine, a mess free zone that should always stay clean because my children would have no cause to play in there.  Sounds reasonable, right? Well, the kids really have no interest in the space, but it has become the dog's favorite place to hang out. And he sheds.  He sheds like no short-haired dog I have ever seen before(good thing I love him dearly). Oh well.  As they say, best laid plans...

Anyhow, before I go get out the vacuum again, here are a couple of foyer idea boards.

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