Friday, May 2, 2014

Kids Rooms In Progress - Take 2

Yesterday we looked at some options for decorating Big Sister's room at "A's" house.  Today I am going to present some ideas for Little Sister's room.  "A" and I had talked about a few different ideas regarding Little Sister's room.  We had discussed decorating the room in a shabby chic style, and I had also put forth the idea of a Parisian theme to the room.  Themed rooms are usually not in my repertoire, but sometimes for kids rooms I will make an exception.  Especially if it more hints at a theme rather than screams it.

And so here are the idea boards for Little Sister's Room,

Open Frames from Hobby Lobby

Paris Print Storage Bin from Lowes

Framed Tin Wall Art from Hobby Lobby

And whether Parisian or simply shabby chic, the Little Sister definitely must have a chandelier.  I found this cutie 

We selected this color for the walls, Sherwin Williams SW6309 Charming Pink
(can I just say that this swatch does not do this color any justice, it is simply lovely)

Happy Friday!  
Questions, comments and side notes are always welcome!

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