Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday Morning Meeting 6/7/2020

Welcome to the Monday Morning Meeting - It's OK if you're running late.  

***Random bits and thoughts that don't really belong anywhere else, but still feel like they're worth sharing. ***

Above is a photo from a master bedroom install we conducted last week.  The room is still in need of some finishing touches, but the details are all coming along nicely.  Follow along on all our designs on Instagram by following @lynnemckeedesign

We put this on everything:

A few weeks ago, I introduced by husband to this siracha aoli after I bought it at a little downtown shop.  Well, I am not going to tell you how many jars of it we have been through since then.  We can't get enough.  It is the perfect level of spice for weenies like us who only want a little bit of a kick, but still want a ton of flavor.  Currently thinking about purchasing it by the case.

The best ever face sunscreen:

Towards the end of the last school year, my oldest daughter went on a field trip to a local marine science center and rehabilitation center.  She came home full of knowledge about the dangers that most chemical sunscreens cause to the marine life, especially coral.  I was inspired by her conviction and promised her that we would make efforts to switch to reef-friendly sunscreens.  Seems, pretty simple, right?  And important too, seeing as how we are Floridians, and the ocean is a big part of our world (literally).  Well, I must say, we went through several different trials (most of them are like coating yourself with white paint), but in the process I found this face sunscreen and it was like hitting the jackpot.  This is saying a lot, considering that my skin breaks out if you even whisper the word "sunscreen" in my direction.  But not with this one.  No breakouts, no greasy feel, and no burns.  Hooray!

Super flattering shorts:

Ann Taylor came out with these shorts, I think, last year.  At least that is when I found them.  Since then I have collected several colors.  I love the length, not "I still think I'm in High School" short, but also not too long, and the tie-belt waist takes them up to the next level.

This blue and white heaven:

This home tour has me daydreaming of a lake house vacation.  The blue and white is so fresh, and the mix of natural textures keeps things interesting.  Be sure to check out the master bathroom!

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